Crisp Vision
All-Day Comfort
The rigid center of SynergEyes® lenses delivers crisp, high-definition vision that is not possible with a soft contact lens.
The soft skirt of SynergEyes® lenses delivers the all-day comfort of a soft lens and prevents dirt and debris from becoming trapped under the lens. It also keeps the lenses securely on the eye, so SynergEyes lenses won’t dislodge during activity.
SynergEyes® lenses do not rotate on the eye, so the optics remain stable, delivering consistently clear vision – blink after blink, from morning until night.
SynergEyes® lenses give you the freedom to live an active lifestyle: free from the hassle of eye glasses, free from the discomfort and dislodgement of RGPs, and free from the inconsistent vision of soft toric lenses.
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